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Once someone sees what Alia can look like on their store, it's a no-brainer.

Help make introductions for us, and when they close, you'll get paid for as long as they keep Alia on their store!

Alia shopify app customer education interface discount

Affiliate Perks

Lifetime Earnings

Upfront Payment

Hands Off

Earn 40% month-over-month on your referrals

for the lifetime of the subscription.

Earn cash upfront

for every store that uses Alia.

Amount varies based on site traffic.

Make the introduction

and we take care of the rest.

aaron argueta

Aaron Argueta


Bailey's CBD

"This app is clearly going places. I'm thrilled we discovered it in its early stages and can't wait to see it top the charts on the Shopify App Store...If you're on the fence, just do it. Your store will thank you."

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