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Case Study: How Alia Improved Towel Tag's Conversion Rate 52% by Engaging and Educating Customers

Updated: Aug 2

Executive Summary

This case study will walk through how Alia was able to help Towel Tag better educate customers on the benefits of their product, improve customer engagement, boost conversion, and drive more sales. Ultimately, Towel Tag was able to see a 52% increase in their conversion rate year-over-year and 13% increase month-over-month after using Alia!

Towel Tag is a Canadian Golf accessories company that sells through Shopify. Their marquee product is the Towel Tag, which is a customizable tool to temporarily secure your golf towel without the use of grommets and hooks. Today, Towel Tag specializes in using the latest in printing technology to custom create a Towel Tag suited for every golfer, team, organization or golf event.

Towel Tag is a revolutionary product, but had a hard time communicating the value of their innovation and the use cases for active golfers. Alia was able to help them more effectively engage and educate their customers, leading to a significant improvement in conversion. Alia is available as a Shopify App and is free to install and try.

Towel Tag Background

Towel Tag was started because Founder, Craig Holub, was frustrated by accessing his golf towel during his round of play. There wasn’t a simple way to temporarily secure your golf towel and quickly release it. Prior to the invention of the Towel Tag, most golf towels were secured by means of a grommet or hook. This attachment made it difficult to easily release the towel when required. The Towel Tag utilizes “Pull-Thru Technology” to create an entirely new generation of functional bag tags. Each tag is manufactured using two separate compounds to create a functional bag tag with exceptional durability. Not to mention, their use of advanced printing technology in its manufacturing, as well as with their customizable towels.

Towel Tag faced a common issue amongst retailers where most site visitors did not immediately understand their product and left the site without investigating more. As attention spans decline, it becomes paramount to immediately pull consumers into your product through informative methods. Many people that play golf face a similar issue as Craig, making the Towel Tag an invaluable product, but, many people never are able to see the benefits they could realize from purchasing a Towel Tag because they do not read and learn further about them. This is where Alia helps.

The Alia Solution

One of Alia’s primary benefits is its educational and engagement component, which is motivated by a reward for learning. Site visitors are able to learn about what makes the Towel Tag unique, and earn a reward towards their first purchase. Educating customers is incredibly important, so much so, that research has shown customers are 131% more likely to purchase from a brand after reading educational content.

This reward for learning allowed Towel Tag to quickly, conveniently, and effectively educate customers and motivate them to make purchases.

10-Minute Implementation Process

Thanks to the Shopify App Store, Alia was able to be installed on Towel Tag in less than 1 minute!

After installation, the Alia team utilized their expertise in lesson creation to custom-make the content to show to customers, based on the abovementioned problems. Take a look at what some of the parts of their lessons and program look like:

After this, we were able to customize the rewards provided to visitors for learning about the brand, decide on the coloring and appearance of the widget on the site, and voila! Alia was set up completely and ready to engage customers in less than 10 minutes for Towel Tag.

The Impact & Results

So how did Alia perform on Towel Tag’s store?

Alia was able to increase Towel Tag’s conversion rate by 52% compared to the same time period last year and 13% month over month. This was a result of the 29.2% Alia conversion rate, meaning after a user completed an Alia lesson there was a 30% chance they would purchase a product afterwards in that same session. In combination with this high conversion, 27% of all new orders on Towel Tag were completed by an Alia user, of which 82% were brand new visitors to the website. Alia was able to effectively educate, engage, and convert a majority of new visitors!

The Towel Tag team loved how Alia performed on their website! Here’s a quote from their Head of eCommerce, AJ Metzen, discussing the experience with Alia:

Future Opportunities with Towel Tag (and beyond!)

Through this experience working with Towel Tag we worked in close collaboration to build out features for the team. One sign of success with our application that was taken away was them asking to make our icon bigger on their website. If there is any indication pointing to success with a client, it is that you want your icon to be larger!

Alia will continue to work with Towel Tag and provide educational engagement with rewards. Not only will the application continue to delight new and returning visitors alike, but more features will be added that make it even more powerful.

Just recently, we built out a more comprehensive poll question feature, allowing merchants to segment customers based on responses to market research questions. This provides opportunities to gather insightful zero-party customer data and tailor email/SMS marketing towards visitors that responded in a certain manner.

In the coming weeks, Alia will become even smarter for its partnered merchants by allowing for customization on lesson and reward visibility depending on different customer segments (new versus returning). In other words, you can show certain lessons to new versus old users, and have completely different rewards optimized to your pricing and selling strategy.

Thanks to the expansiveness of the Shopify ecosystem, Alia will be able to scale with Towel Tag as they continue to grow and expand their reach in the golf industry. We look forward to continually collaborating with their amazing team and delivering outstanding results!

Concluding Results

  • Alia was able to help Towel Tag’s conversion increase 52% year-over-year

  • Month-over-month, Alia helped increase Towel Tag's conversion by more than 13%

  • 27% of all new orders were driven with Alia, 82% of which were from new site visitors

  • Towel Tag’s issue with effectively educating new customers on their site practically vanished

  • Towel Tag customers loved how engaging and interactive the Alia experience was, as seen by the more than 85 lessons completed since installation and significant increase in emails captured

If you’re looking to boost your conversion rate and better educate your customers, Alia is here to help:

Or, try it out for free today on the Shopify App Store.

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