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How Southland Organics uses Alia to further their commitment to customer education

"Get in early with Alia while you can!

My experience with this app and the Alia team have been amazing so far."

About Southland Organics

Founded in 2009, Southland Organics is a leading provider of natural solutions for poultry, turf and crop growers as well as wilderness managers.

As consumers have become increasingly aware of the dangers of harsh chemicals and antibiotics in food sources and the environment, Southland Organics is a beacon of hope for safe, effective alternatives.

Their team of specialists has helped thousands of farmers, landscape professionals and wilderness managers overcome bacterial challenges and nutrient deficiencies without the use of chemical toxins through its scientifically sound programs. At its core, the Southland Organics team is made up of people passionate about the great outdoors and sharing a global commitment to a sustainable world.

Take a look at this video explaining more:

So what does Southland Organics do that makes them different from the rest?

  • Small batch production: helping to ensure you get the freshest product with the highest quality

  • Science-based methods: scientifically-proven products that feed the soil and plants, grow the food, and feed the family.

  • Top-notch customer service

  • Southland University: a unbent commitment to education and sharing that with their customers and partners

  • Small business of employees who are passionate about sustainable agriculture

  • Made and sourced in the USA

Why Alia?

Southland Organics chose to partner with Alia because of their commitment to customer education and existing insight into its innumerable benefits.

For the potential customers of Southland Organics, most don’t have a grip on the invisible factors that wreak havoc on their operations. This lack of understanding is the invisible issue that Southland Organics is here to educate on and create the solutions for. Their products provide the microbiology essential to thriving poultry, grass, plant and waste ecosystems.

In order to help their customers, the first step is education. Southland Organics is helping to solve issues created by unseen elements such as bacteria, fungi and lack of nutrients. After educating them on the issue at hand, they are then able to turn towards the solutions: microbial products for soil health, animal health and more. Alia helps in this process by creating an engaging medium to educate potential customers on both the problem and solution to their unseen issues.

Alia on Southland Organics

Here’s their custom Alia lesson that they created to reward customers for learning more “Treating Vent Gleet and Pasty Butt in Chickens”:

Alia makes it easy for Southland Organics to educate site visitors on this pressing issue. Customers learn more and do it through an enjoyable experience, all while getting a reward! This helps lead them to make their first purchase or a returning one and build a deeper emotional connection with the brand.

Here's what the Southland Organics team had to say about Alia:

"Get in early with Alia while you can! My experience with this app and the Alia team have been amazing so far. Our products typically require a high level of pre-conversion education, so being able to incentivize brand and product learning is huge for us.

The Alia team has been so helpful and receptive to feedback, perpetually striving to make their product better and genuinely trying to help us convert. I highly recommend trying out Alia and investing in the growing need for customer education."

Southland Organics’ commitment to education is one of the many things that makes them stand out from other providers in their industry. Alia is one of the tools they use to make this educational experience unique.

About Alia

Alia is an application listed on the Shopify App Store that allows businesses to engage and educate their customers while rewarding them for learning. After a store visitor completes an Alia lesson, there is a 30% chance on average they will make a purchase in that same session.

With a lightning-quick installation process and easy-to-use lesson and reward creation, Alia is the best choice for boosting your conversion and engaging with customers on Shopify!

If you’re interested in seeing how Alia can look on your store and help boost conversion in a matter of minutes, sign up for a custom demo with one of our founders, Shaan Arora and get your first month of Alia free:

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