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How To Grow Your Email List With Alia & Klaviyo

Updated: Jul 28

Email marketing is a powerful tool for any e-commerce business. In this guide, we'll show you how to integrate Alia with Klaviyo, and explore how Alia can help you grow your email list and target specific customer segments based on their backgrounds and preferences.

How Alia Gets Valuable Leads For Your Store

Alia is a conversion and customer engagement tool embedded on your Shopify storefront. You can create multimedia lessons to educate users about your business and products, and ask questions to keep users engaged and invested in your business’s story.

In return for learning about your company, the user can earn a reward in the form of a small discount at checkout. It’s a win for everybody — the user enjoys their savings and feels more confident in their purchase, while you get a new customer who’s invested in your story and knows what separates you from the competition. In addition, poll questions grant you valuable insights into your customers’ backgrounds, preferences, and values.

Before they claim their discounts, users are asked for basic contact info, like name, email address, and/or phone number based on your settings. When you integrate Alia with Klaviyo, we’ll automatically send this data to Klaviyo with no effort on your part. Here’s how to set up the integration.

How To Integrate Alia with Klaviyo

Integrating Alia with Klaviyo only takes a couple minutes to set up. Once enabled, you can forget about it — we send all user data over automatically.

Step 1: Create Your Klaviyo API key

To get started, sign into Klaviyo and navigate to your API Keys settings page. You can find it by going to Settings → API Keys.

Once there, click Create API Key.

Name your key “alia”, or anything you want.

Then under Select Access Level, select Full Access. We only add profiles and create lists, and will never delete or otherwise modify existing data in your account. If you’d like, you can set varying permissions for specific scopes, but Alia may not work correctly.

Click Create in the top right to create the API key.

You’ll now see a page that confirms that your API key has been created. Copy the key by clicking the Copy Key button.

Step 2: Enable The Integration in Your Alia Dashboard

From your Alia dashboard in Shopify Admin, navigate to the Integrations page.

Next, under Klaviyo, click the green Connect button.

A dialog box will open asking for the key you just copied. Paste it in the text box and click Save. We’ll check to make sure that your key is valid.

If you get an error, double check that you’ve created a key in Klaviyo with full access permissions, and you’ve copied and pasted the entire key into the text box.

Once the integration succeeds, you’ll see another dialog advising you to disable double opt-in for the list we’ve just created for you:

Don’t skip this step! If you fail to disable double opt-in, users that enter their email or phone into Alia will have to confirm their subscription by answering a confirmation email or text. Alia already asks for consent when users provide their information, so you’ll just be asking for consent twice. Enabling single opt-in ensures that users will immediately be subscribed to you on Klaviyo, as long as they consented to receiving email or SMS marketing when they provided their contact info in Alia.

To enable single opt-in, return to your Klaviyo dashboard and navigate to the Audience → Lists & segments page from the sidebar. Select the Alia list that we’ve automatically created for you.

Then, at the top of the page, select the Settings tab and click Consent.

Finally, at the bottom of the page under Opt-in Process, select Single opt-in.

Click Save to save your changes.

Congratulations! That’s all there is to it — you’ve now fully integrated Alia with Klaviyo.

Targeting Specific Leads Based on Poll Answers

Alia lessons can include polls, which are questions you can ask to learn more about the user. For example, a common poll question is, “Which of our products are you most interested in?” Alia records the answers to these questions, so you can see in your dashboard how your users are answering.

Alia’s Klaviyo integration makes poll questions even more powerful. Normally, when users sign up, they’re added and subscribed to the “Alia” list in Klaviyo. You can use this list to contact any or all users that signed up through Alia.

When users answer a poll question, they’re added to another list of only Alia users that have answered the poll in the same way. So, if a user answers that they’re most interested in Product A, they’ll be added to another list named “[Alia Poll] Which of our products are you most interested in? - Product A”, along with all the other users that are also most interested in Product A. Now, you can easily send a promotional email or text regarding Product A to all of these users!

Integrating Alia with Klaviyo opens up a world of possibilities for your business's email and SMS marketing. With Alia, you'll be able to capture valuable leads and gain insights into your customers' backgrounds and preferences. And with Klaviyo, you can target specific customer segments based on their answers to polls and other information, allowing you to send more personalized and effective marketing messages. Together, Alia and Klaviyo can help take your business's email marketing to the next level.

Don't Have Alia For Your Store Yet?

Download Shopify’s #1 conversion tool by clicking here and installing to your store.

If you have further questions or need help integrating Alia with Klaviyo, contact us at

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