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Rated 5 stars on Shopify's App Store

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Built for Shopify Designation

Customizable Interactive Lessons

Showcase what makes your brand and products unique through Alia's engaging lessons. Use text, image, and video to design content.

  • Show off unique aspects of your brand and products

  • Ask engaging content or survey questions in lessons

  • Upload and create content using our easy-to-use lesson creator

  • Use our AI lesson creator to get started

  • Create logic-based lessons that dynamically changes content based on responses

  • Show off different lessons on different pages throughout your store

  • Embed Alia as either a button or widget on your site

Alia conversion customer education tool interface
Alia conversion customer education tool interface survey
Alia conversion customer education tool interface response

Collect zero-party data with
survey questions

Embed survey questions within your lessons to collect valuable pre-purchase data from site visitors.

  • Use survey questions to answer questions you could never before

  • Data is automatically segmented in Klaviyo and shown on Alia dashboard

  • Personalize email and SMS campaigns using responses

  • Measure attribution on traffic sources

  • Determine the most pressing needs of site visitors

  • Find out why shoppers might not be purchasing

Capture emails and phone numbers

Before a shopper can redeem their reward, they have must provide a combination of their name, email, and phone number.

  • Subscribe more site visitors to your contact list than ever before

  • Request a combination of email, phone, and name from all Alia users

  • Use zero-party data to further personalize future marketing campaigns towards them

  • Automatically subscribed to your Shopify dashboard and Klaviyo

Alia conversion customer education tool interface email
Alia conversion customer education tool interface klaviyo
Alia conversion customer education tool interface reward

Reward customers for learning

Give one-time unique discount codes to shoppers that have engaged with Alia and provided data through survey questions.

  • Offer a one-time use coupon code for shoppers that use Alia

  • Use either a percent (%) or dollar ($) amount discount

  • Choose to have general or product-specific discounts

  • Set an expiry timer to encourage same session purchases

  • Enable your discounts to stack and combine with subscriptions

  • Allow shoppers to increase their discount if they keep learning with Alia

Customize Alia to your brand and site

Alia offers considerable customizations features to make it optimized for any Shopify store.

  • Customize color to match your brand and feel

  • Choose which pages Alia will appear on

  • Have Alia accessible through either a widget or embedded button

  • Let Alia show up for only new, returning, or all site visitors

  • Adjust where on the screen Alia is placed

  • Edit the call to action and button

  • and much more!

Alia conversion customer education tool interface driven sale
Alia conversion customer education tool interface conversions
Alia conversion customer education tool interface new visitors breakdown

Client success stories:

masc skincare case study with alia

"The app has been performing well, people seem interested in engaging with it, and the conversion rate and email sign up numbers are strong."


Uplift in conversion

in one month

towel tag case study with alia

"Alia has been an incredible resource for our small business since we signed up. They have a very interactive yet easy-to-navigate menu for both the creator and the consumer. Their customer service has been excellent any questions or concerns they have gotten back in a very timely fashion."


Uplift in conversion

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