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Enhance & optimize your
Shopify store's pre-purchase CX

Increase conversions by as much as 54% for your Shopify Store.

Reward new site visitors for learning about your products and brand through Alia's engaging on-site app. Capture valuable zero-party data and insights in the process.

Rated 5 stars on Shopify's App Store

Shopify App Conversion & Engagement

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Built for Shopify Designation

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Firebelly Tea is co-founded by David Segal, previously the founder of DAVIDsTEA, and Harley Finkelstein, President of Shopify.

Hear from David about how Alia has converted 30% of shoppers who engage with the app on their store and so much more.

Get store visitors to your brand's 'aha' moment faster than ever 


Alia is the ideal tool to convert low-intent store visitors and turn curious clicks into lifelong customers

Trusted by top Shopify brands

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Alia is a no-brainer for your Shopify store


Don't let store traffic leave without capturing either a conversion or data from them

Increase your store-wide

conversion rate by up to 54%

Collect emails and SMS

from high intent site visitors

Only allow Alia to be completed

by new site visitors

Integrates with Klaviyo and can be used to personalize your email/SMS marketing

Gather zero-party data

through survey questions in Alia flow

Embed Alia as a widget or button

matched to your brand

Here's what our clients have to say:


Working with Alia has been a great experience. I ran tests comparing Alia with other conversion apps and saw that Alia outperformed the other tools significantly in conversions and email collections. We have a 30% conversion rate when someone starts an Alia lesson, which has been really cool to see.


Tyler Farley


The Alia App has revolutionized how we engage with customers on our Shopify store. What's impressive is the shift in customer behavior - where it once took 10-16 visits for a conversion, with Alia, we're seeing conversions on the first or second visit. 

justin baba innovet pet

Justin Baba

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We've been able to gamify incentives in the most engaging ways. I'm thrilled we discovered it in its early stages and can't wait to see it top the charts on the Shopify app store! For all the value this app provides, the monthly fee is more than reasonable—it's a steal!

aaron argueta bailey's

Aaron Argueta

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