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White-glove onboarding no matter the size and zero usage-fees ever

14-day free trial for all plans, no auto-upgrades, cancel anytime
per month
Up to $2,500 in Alia driven sales per month
Full setup and custom content creation
1 active integration
Unlimited lessons
Survey questions
Complete reward customizability
Advanced reporting and analytics
Full theme and popup customization
Live chat support
And much more...
per month
Up to $50,000 in Alia driven sales per month
Full setup and custom content creation
All features from Growth plus:
Dedicated customer success manager
Weekly performance reports
Personal slack channel support

Unlimited Alia driven sales
Full setup and custom content creation
All features from Pro plus:
Custom integrations
Fully managed optimizations and A/B testing
What's an Alia-Driven Sale?

If someone places an order with an Alia-generated discount code that is an Alia-driven sale.

If a shopper orders without the Alia discount code but has engaged with Alia, that is not attributed.

So, Alia-driven sales are only purchases that use one of our unique discount codes.
For all the value this app provides, the monthly fee is more than reasonable—it's a steal! If you're on the fence, just do it. Your store will thank you!
Aaron Argueta
Co-Founder at Bailey's CBD
Frequently Asked Questions
Have questions before you get started? Feel free to message us on the bottom right also!

What happens when I hit the Alia-driven sales cap for the month?

Once you hit the cap for the month, Alia will shut off on your store unless you upgrade to the next plan tier.

If you choose not to upgrade, Alia will appear live again on your store at the end of the current 30-day period you are in.

Example: You hit the cap on your current plan 28 days into the current 30-day period. If you choose to not upgrade, Alia will reappear in 2 days.

Why do you charge based on sales driven?

Most popups will charge based on how much traffic a store gets, regardless of how effective that popup is at collecting sign-ups or converting shoppers.

Alia is designed to convert and we want to align our pricing with that result as much as we can. While we know we aren't attributable to every conversion, we want to have as much alignment as possible with our clients.

Does Alia have customer support?


We offer live chat support between 7:00am and 12:30am EST every day of the year (including weekends and holidays) from one of our co-founders.

Who makes the content in Alia?

Our team of experts can make all the content for you at your direction, free of charge.

You can have Alia up, running, and optimized in less than 20 minutes by taking advantage of this white-glove onboarding support. To do this, book a 15-minute demo call with us before or after installing.

If you want to make it yourself, you can do that using our easy-to-use editor and dashboard.

Ready to get started?

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