Increase first time purchases with customer education

Create an engaging, educational experience that rewards shoppers for learning.

Boost purchases from signups by 2x - 4x while at least maintaining your opt-in rate.

Effective across your Shopify store

Reward and educate customers across different pages and use cases
Popup Replacement

Alia's Onsite Traditional Setup

Replace your current popup and rewarding experience with Alia.

1. Educate on your brand and products
2. Collect survey data while learning
3. Capture email/SMS
4. Give Reward (discount, free shipping, custom)
Alia's Advanced "Tracks"

Create a dynamic learning flow

Provide product recommendations based on responses to questions in Alia.

Create different learning experiences based on what shoppers want to learn more about, concerns about the product, key FAQs, and more.

Put different Alia content, questions, and rewards on different pages.
Enhance Landing Pages

Improve Landing Page Performance

Send paid traffic to pages with a unique Alia experience specifically catered towards the angle of the landing page.

Customize the content, questions, and rewards specifically for the page.
Product Pages

Enhance PDPs with better education

Create more effective PDPs with a unique Alia experience embedded directly into the page or as a widget.

Make sure shoppers engage with the educational content on that product that is sure to make them convert.

Convert high traffic blogs

Create a gamified experience with Alia that converts more visitors across your high-traffic blogs.

Ask questions about the content they just learned, summarize the article's key takeaways in Alia, and incentivize them to take a look at your brand more with a discount.

Rapid Setup, Immediate Impact

Setup Alia in less than 30 minutes

Easily set Alia up across your site in no time. Track advanced analytics while it is running. Perform A/B tests to optimize performance. All natively within your Shopify dashboard.

Optimized for mobile

Designed for mobile first. Alia is optimized for the mobile experience and has different customization features exclusively for mobile to ensure effective performance.

iPhone mockup

Match Alia to your brand's look and feel

Customize the Alia experience using our easy-to-use editor and match the aesthetics to your brand. Font, color, size, copy, shape, and more.

iPhone mockup

Rapidly integrate with your key tech stack

Alia is compatible with key email and SMS marketing providers.

If we're missing an integration you need, let us know on live chat and we'll look into getting it ready for you.

Achieve 2x-4x more purchases from your current opt-in rate with Alia

See how top Shopify brands like Firebelly Tea and MASA Chips use Alia on their store
How Brands Use Alia
Driven revenue has increase over 100% and similar increase in email sign-ups
Our driven revenue has increased over 100% from first-time visitors to the site, and we've seen a similar increase in overall email sign-ups. Alia gives us a chance to tell our brand story and highlight UVPs immediately and succinctly.
Peter Liquori
Creative Director & Brand Manager at Goodwear
Conversion rate increased from 16% to 52% on signups
Sign up rate increased from 4.64% to 11.9% moving from Klaviyo popups to Alia. Conversion rate increased from 16% to 52% on sign ups. Having more than 50% of people who opt-in to our newsletter then become customers is something I didn't think was possible.
Nick Moen
Founder of The Bright Angle
The Alia App has revolutionized how we engage with customers
The Alia App has revolutionized how we engage with customers on our Shopify store... What's impressive is the shift in customer behavior - where it once took 10-16 visits for a conversion, with Alia, we're seeing conversions on the first or second visit.
Justin Baba
eCommerce Manager at Innovet Pet
This app is clearly going places
This app is clearly going places. I'm thrilled we discovered it in its early stages and can't wait to see it top the charts on the Shopify app store! For all the value this app provides, the monthly fee is more than reasonable—it's a steal! If you're on the fence, just do it. Your store will thank you!
Aaron Argueta
Co-Founder at Bailey's CBD
Frequently Asked Questions
Have questions before you get started? Feel free to message us on the bottom right also!

Won't the added friction drop signups?

Across all of our clients, what we generally see is that Alia will at least match your current opt-in and, more of than not, significantly outperform it.

This means that you will get at least the same number of signups with 2x - 4x more purchases from those signups.

Who makes all the content in the lessons?

There are a few options:

(A) Our team of experts at Alia can help build all of the content for you, so all you have to do is go in and make edits.

(B) Make all the content yourself using our easy-to-use editor, which usually takes less than 45 minutes.

(C) Use our AI lesson creation feature.

What other apps does Alia integrate with?

Alia natively integrates with Shopify, as well as Klaviyo, Postscript, Attentive, and Omnisend to subscribe users to your lists and automatically segment them based on survey responses.

Does Alia have to only be a widget/floating button?

No, Alia can be opened up through a popup only, so it doesn't have to live on the side of the screen always as a widget.

Alia can also be embedded into any page as a button.

Does Alia have customer support?


We offer live chat support between 7:00am and 12:30am EST every day of the year (including weekends and holidays).

How long does it take to set everything up?

If you take advantage of our team's custom setup at no extra cost, you can have Alia up and running in less than 30 minutes!

All you have to do is make edits to the content we made for you and it is good to go.

Can you prevent returning shoppers from seeing Alia?


By enabling our prevention setting, you'd be able to block previous customers from using Alia and claiming a reward.

We check against your list of previous shoppers and emails collected, as well as using cookies to see if they've been to your store before.

What types of rewards can I give shoppers?

Alia can reward shoppers with any amount of a $ or % discount, free shipping, and custom rewards.

You can have discounts be only applicable to certain products, collections, and subscriptions.

Rewards can also have a minimum spend requirement.

Ready to get started?

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