Video Testimonials

Hear directly from top Shopify brands about how they use Alia, the results, and more
Clothing & Accessories
Hear from Peter Liquori, Creative Director and Brand Manager of Goodwear, about how they drove $6.9k in incremental revenue per month by switching from their Attentive popup to Alia.
Hear from David Segal, Co-Founder of Firebelly Tea, about how they've achieved a 30% engaged conversion rate with Alia and used the increased survey data collected to make meaningful brand decisions..
Hear from Aaron Argueta, Co-Founder of Bailey's CBD, about how they effectively educate new visitors in the pet industry through Alia and get incredible conversion results as a result.
Hear from Izy Dobbins, Marketing Manager at Southland Organics, about how Alia helped address their problems around customer education, what hesitations she had about Alia originally, and how Alia is being used to convert and collect emails from more shoppers on blogs.
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