Firebelly Tea Boosts Conversions +42% & Sign-Ups +13% by Gamifying Shopper Education

"If you’re a Shopify store, I highly recommend using Alia. It offers a great personalized way of engaging with your customers."
Firebelly Tea
Food & Beverage
Written by
Cory Gill
Published on
January 7, 2024
Increase in Purchase Conversions (MoM)
Increase in Email Sign-Ups (MoM)
Survey Responses Collected
Our products require a lot of knowledge and Alia has been great. It allows us to gamify the way customers can learn about our brand…And, we’ve converted 30% of customers who use Alia.

David Segal, Co-Founder of Firebelly Tea

About The Brand

Founded by David Segal (co-founder of DAVIDsTEA) and Harley Finkelstein (president of Shopify), Firebelly Tea is a premier loose leaf tea and accessories brand.

Firebelly Tea was founded with a focus on high-quality tea made with 100% real ingredients in compostable packaging. They also offer a sleek line of modern tea accessories full of smart features.

Firebelly tea products from Alia case study

Learn how Alia helped convert more new site visitors by gamifying the shopper education experience


Educating shoppers on all the unique aspects of Firebelly Tea and getting more pre-purchase shoppers insights

There’s a lot that makes Firebelly Tea unique, such as the: 

  • Relentless commitment to quality
  • Vibrant spectrum of tea flavors and products
  • Sleek and modern design
  • Smart accessories
  • Sustainable packaging
  • Expert team and captivating brand narrative

Communicating the value behind each of these aspects to new site visitors, many of whom might not be regular tea drinkers, can be a challenge.

Previously, Firebelly Tea relied on conventional methods, such as dedicated web pages and articles, to educate potential customers about their brand. 

However, these efforts often fell short as they struggled to engage users who were not inherently motivated to seek out and read lengthier informational content.

Seeking a more impactful approach to educate and engage shoppers, the Firebelly Tea team aimed not only to inform their audience but also to learn from them. Recognizing the wealth of visitor traffic to their site, they saw an opportunity to also gather valuable shopper data, which could be utilized across various facets of their business.


Rewarding shopper education with Alia to convert new site visitors and collect pre-purchase data

Using Alia’s intuitive and customizable merchant dashboard, they set up three lessons for shoppers to learn about the Firebelly Tea brand. 

The first lesson focused on the origin story of the brand and team, the second on what makes their tea different, and the third on where shoppers should start their journey with Firebelly.

Completing more lessons earned a larger reward, so shoppers started by getting 5% off after the first, but could end up with a 15% discount for completing all three lessons.

Take a look at what this looks like from the shoppers perspective:

Each discount is a one-time unique code that is redeemable only after inputting their email. Alia is also only visible to new site visitors that appear on the store.

In these informative and engaging lessons, shoppers answered survey questions that allowed Firebelly Tea to understand more about their site visitors and segment them on a more granular level.

We get information on our customers [from Alia] we wouldn’t otherwise have. One of which we discovered is that they love black tea, which is leading us to add black teas to our assortment and run more targeted newsletters about it.


Attributable to +42% increase in store-wide conversion rate and more

After someone completed an Alia lesson, they made a purchase 30% of the time on Firebelly Tea.

Compared to the month preceding Alia going live on Firebelly Tea, there was a:

  • +42% increase in the store-wide conversion rate
  • +13% increase in email sign-ups
  • 650 pre-purchase survey responses collected
  • +79% increase in sales (MoM)

Today, Alia continues to thrive on Firebelly Tea and they plan to take advantage of several of the new features recently introduced to help promote their new Yuzu Matcha flavor.

If you’re a Shopify store, I highly recommend using Alia. It offers a great personalized way of engaging with your customers to get them closer to your brand and have them make a purchase.

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