Goodwear drives $7K/mo of incremental revenue by switching their Attentive popup to Alia without decreasing opt-in rate

"Our driven revenue has increased over 100% from first-time visitors to the site, and we've seen a similar increase in sign-ups."
Clothing and Accessories
Written by
Cory Gill
Published on
March 15, 2024
Purchase rate after signup
in incremental revenue generated per month
Return on investment (ROI)
Our driven revenue has increased over 100% from first-time visitors to the site, and we've seen a similar increase in overall email sign-ups.

Peter Liquori, Creative Director & Brand Manager at Goodwear USA

About The Brand

Founded in 1983 by Stephen Liquori, Goodwear is known for manufacturing premium cotton staples and basics from the ground up. After 40 years, Goodwear has developed a cult following around the world, regarded for its consistent, high quality construction, timeless styling, and the uncompromised dedication to producing everything in the USA.


Standing out in the crowded apparel market and having first time visitors engage with their content

In the highly competitive apparel industry, Goodwear wanted to stand out by highlighting what made their clothing and accessories unique, as well as their rich brand history. 

They previously offered a 10% discount through their traditional Attentive popup, but had difficulty getting engagement and purchases from new visitors, both on-site and in the welcome flow where they sent the code.

As a small and independent apparel company in a highly competitive niche, it is often challenging to stand out.


Switching from their Attentive popup to Alia to educate and reward shoppers

Goodwear replaced their traditional Attentive popup for Alia, which enabled them to reward customers for learning more about their brand and apparel.

In short interactive lessons, Goodwear could quickly educate new site visitors on why they were different from the rest of the market and then give them the same 10% discount offer on-site with a timer.

Goodwear immediately began driving thousands of dollars in incremental revenue per week, while still maintaining their previous opt-in rate. Now, Goodwear is looking to optimize their Alia content and flows to drive even more purchases from first time visitors.

Alia gives us a chance to tell our brand story and highlight UVPs immediately and succinctly - and offer a unique 1 time use welcome discount right there on the home page.


$6.9k in incremental revenue per month and a 23x ROI

  • $6.9k in incremental revenue per month
  • 23x ROI on Alia
  • 40% purchase rate after sign-up
I thought this was a terrific idea from the start and am frankly amazed I hadn't seen a product like it before. I would recommend Alia to anyone with a brand trying to compete in a saturated field, but with a worthwhile story to tell. Additionally, customer service has been second to none.

Here’s a breakdown of their performance with the Attentive popup vs. Alia popup:

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