The Bright Angle achieves a 12% opt-in rate and 52% same session purchase rate from signups after switching from Klaviyo

"Having more than 50% of people who opt-in to our newsletter then become customers is something I didn't think was possible."
The Bright Angle
Written by
Cory Gill
Published on
March 27, 2024
Email opt-in rate
Purchase rate after sign-up in same session
Increase in purchase rate after sign-up
Using Alia is the best quick lift you can do for CRO and email list building… Having more than 50% of people who opt-in to our newsletter then become customers is something I didn't think was possible.

Nick Moen, Founder of The Bright Angle

About The Brand

The Bright Angle was founded in 2016 by Nick Moen as a way to utilize techniques that allow for calculated precision in the creative process of pottery possible, without sacrificing the quality created by handmade processes.

Now he and his team of artisans are able to make pottery with handmade tools such as molds, while preserving the character and integrity that can only come from a handmade item.


Traditional popups are a transactional experience that don’t form an impactful connection with shoppers

Nick and the team at The Bright Angle knew there was power in educating shoppers on their brand story and the uniqueness of their products.

Traditional popups, like the Klaviyo one they used previously, were too impersonal and transactional. They wanted a way to quickly and effectively have shoppers engage with their brand when they landed on the site, creating a unique experience that is different from every other popup that simply asks for an email in exchange for a discount.

For years, we’ve used Klaviyo pop-ups on our website to capture emails, achieving results that we were quite satisfied with.

Yet, there was a growing desire within us to forge a deeper connection with our audience and to share the story of our brand. We wanted to be less transactional and more interactional since our brand really does have a story that resonates.


Switching from Klaviyo & rewarding shoppers with a discount for learning through Alia

Nick heard about Alia through Revenue Labz, one of their agency partners, who thought it could be a great fit for The Bright Angle and was exactly what they were looking for. 

The Alia team offers free content creation and setup services that allowed Nick to have Alia running and optimized in less than an hour, something that was crucial for a busy brand owner.

Alia highlights The Bright Angle’s brand, products, and story through short, interactive content slides that create an engaging experience for shoppers to learn. The first lesson focuses on their story, while the second on their unique, handmade production process.


As shoppers learn more, they go from getting a 5% discount to 10%. The Bright Angle structured Alia to have email capture occur at the end of the learning process, where afterwards the shopper gets a unique discount code with a timer.

The introduction of the Alia app has been a total win. It's not merely a tool; it's an extension of our mission engaging our audience, as an integral part of our customer journey. 

Thanks to Alia, we're not only sharing our craft; we're inviting our audience into the heart of the brand, building a community around appreciation for good design.

156% increase in opt-in rate & 3x higher purchase rate after sign-up

  • 12% email opt-in rate
    • 156% increase from previous opt-in rate of 4.6%
  • Purchase rate after sign-up went from 16% to 52% with Alia
    • 3x increase
    • Every two signups results in a purchase
Using Alia is the best quick lift you can do for CRO and email list building. Sign up rate increased from 4.64% to 11.9% moving from Klaviyo popups to Alia. Conversion rate increased from 16% to 52% on sign ups.

The customer service is incredible! And since I started using Alia, they keep releasing new high converting features.

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