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Case Study: How Alia boosted conversion for Argencove's luxury chocolate brand

Performance Summary


Argencove was started when a group of friends passionate about fine food delved into the world of luxury chocolate several years ago. Their curiosity led them on a journey spanning 20 countries, where they studied cocoa orchards, fermentation methods, and engaged with industry experts. Ultimately, they decided to make Nicaragua their home due to its fertile land and welcoming community.

The result has been Argencove’s chocolate winning numerous awards from distinguished organizations such as the Academy of Chocolate, International Chocolate Awards, and Prestige Awards.

Partnering with Alia

As a luxury brand, Argencove was looking for ways to relay the story behind their award-winning chocolate to new site visitors. Alternatives such as pop-ups or traditional quiz apps had no way of conveying the uniqueness of their products, while still incentivizing purchases. These forms of engaging new site visitors would potentially dilute their brand and not demonstrate the right image to visitors.

As a result, Argencove chose to work with Alia and be able to educate visitors before giving a reward. Alia had the added benefit of Argencove being able to collect emails and customer data, while still incentivizing purchases from new visitors. Most importantly, though, Alia allowed them to communicate and showcase what makes Argencove one of the world’s finest premier chocolate makers.

The Argencove team also appreciated the pricing plan Alia offers. Most importantly there was significant incentive alignment between Alia and how much it would cost for Argencove. Alia only charges for orders that it directly helps to drive, as measured by orders using an Alia-generated discount code, instead of a recurring monthly charge regardless of how well it performs.

Alia’s Performance on Argencove

After Argencove decided to partner with Alia, there was a rapid installation process and activation that took only 10 minutes to complete with a member of the Alia team.

Argencove set up two Alia lessons to educate site visitors, the first focused on their incredible all-women team and their scientific approach to developing different flavors, which has led to more than 65 international awards in 4 years!

Their second lesson highlighted the intricacies of their products and fine chocolate. This included showing off two of their best-selling products: the cocibolca bar and the mombacho bar.

Argencove also wanted to collect certain insights from their shoppers that they could not have gathered otherwise. As a result, they utilized Alia’s survey question feature to determine whether shoppers were making a purchase for themselves or for gifting. These insights could help direct future marketing efforts towards these shoppers and general brand positioning.

After completing both of these lessons and entering their email for collection, Argencove shoppers could earn a 10% discount to go ahead and make a purchase. This discount also included an expiration feature on it provided through Alia that has the code be unavailable after 1 hour. This short amount of time incentivizes immediate purchases or the customer risks losing this window of opportunity.

How did Alia perform on Argencove?

After one month of using Alia, Argencove saw a 13% increase in conversion and had 46% of all new orders driven through Alia. Most importantly, 96% of these Alia-driven orders were from brand new visitors to Argencove’s online store. Alia’s added benefit of data collection was also significant for the Argencove team. There were more than 125 unique data points on customers collected throughout the month and 59 emails collected.

Here’s what the Argencove team had to say about using Alia:


Here are the Alia performance stats on Argencove between July 20th and August 20th (one month):

  • 13% increase in Argencove’s overall conversion

  • 46% of all new orders driven through Alia

  • 96% of all Alia-driven orders from new customers

  • 32% conversion rate after a visitor completed an Alia lesson

  • 125 unique data points collected

  • 59 emails collected through Alia

We look forward to continuing to work with the incredible team at Argencove and help engage, educate, and convert more visitors!

About Alia

Alia is an application listed on the Shopify App Store that allows businesses to engage and educate their customers, while rewarding them for learning. After a store visitor completes an Alia lesson, there is a 30% chance on average they will make a purchase in that same session.

With a lightning quick installation process, easy-to-use lesson and reward creation, and pricing model that only costs your business if we help to drive new sales, Alia is the best choice for boosting your conversion and engaging with customers on Shopify!

If you’re interested in seeing how Alia can look on your store and help boost conversion in a matter of minutes, sign-up for a custom demo with one of our founders, Shaan Arora and get your first month of Alia free:

And check us out on the Shopify App Store here.

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