Communicating Uniqueness Through Alia Leads to 32% Conversion Rate for Argencove Chocolate

"Alia enables us to communicate what sets our chocolates apart and has significantly contributed to our conversion rates."
Argencove Chocolate
Food & Beverage
Written by
Cory Gill
Published on
December 13, 2023
Average Engaged Conversion Rate
Increase Store-Wide Conversion Rate
New Orders Through Alia
Alia enables us to communicate what sets our chocolates apart and has significantly contributed to our conversion rates. It's been a game-changer for engaging new visitors.

John Sorto, Marketing & eCommerce Manager

About The Brand

Argencove, born from the collective passion for exquisite chocolate, embarked on a global journey spanning 20 countries to perfect their craft.

Settling in Nicaragua, their dedication to excellence earned them multiple awards from esteemed institutions like the Academy of Chocolate and International Chocolate Awards.


Communicating their empowering and unique story to more site visitors

As a luxury brand, Argencove aimed to convey the unique story behind their award-winning chocolates to new site visitors. Traditional methods fell short in showcasing their products' uniqueness while stimulating purchases, potentially diluting their brand essence.

They knew that if more shoppers made it to the About Us page, they would convert and become a more loyal customer. They wanted a solution that could convey their story to more site visitors and convert them on their first visit.


Alia brings the 'About Us' page to shoppers' attention and incentivizes learning

Partnering with Alia, Argencove found an avenue to educate visitors before offering incentives.

After a swift 10-minute setup, Argencove utilized Alia to spotlight their all-women team's expertise and scientific approach to flavor development, earning numerous international awards.

The solution highlighted their best-selling products and incorporated survey questions to discern purchase intentions, aiding future marketing strategies.

Post-lesson completion and email submission, shoppers received a time-sensitive 10% discount, prompting immediate purchases.


Alia’s Performance on Argencove

Alia's impact on Argencove was substantial in only 30 days of being on the site:

  • +13% Increase in Conversion Rate
  • 32% Conversion Rate Post Alia Lesson
  • 46% of new orders driven through Alia

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