Customer Education Results in 49% Opt-In Rate & 33% Conversion Rate on Alia for Bailey’s CBD

“This app is clearly going places. I'm thrilled we discovered it in its early stages and can't wait to see it top the charts."
Bailey's CBD
Written by
Cory Gill
Published on
December 14, 2023
Average Engaged Conversion Rate
Increase Store-Wide Conversion Rate (MoM)
Opt-In Rate After Click
This app is clearly going places. I'm thrilled we discovered it in its early stages and can't wait to see it top the charts on the Shopify App Store! For all the value this app provides, the monthly fee is more than reasonable - it's a steal!

Aaron Argueta, Co-Founder of Bailey’s CBD

About The Brand

Bailey’s CBD is a family business started in 2017 dedicated to their pug dog Bailey. Through their own experiences with Bailey, they found that CBD plays a proactive role in supporting the health and wellness of all pets.

Bailey’s CBD offers a wide range of products designed to meet the needs of all pets. This includes CBD dog treats, CBD oil, mobility treats, CBD shampoo, and much more. Customers love Bailey’s for their affordable and effective selection of products that is sure to be a game changer for their pets.

Challenge & Solution

Educating skeptical shoppers in the nascent pet CBD industry with Alia

Bailey’s CBD decided to partner with Alia because of the education component that is required in the pet CBD industry.

As a relatively nascent industry, customer education is pivotal to converting new adopters and having them realize the enormous potential benefits from CBD with their pets. Building trust is also paramount in these situations, which is Bailey’s Alia lesson focused on their origin story and allowed new shoppers to learn more about why they should trust them.

By incentivizing these skeptical shoppers to dive into their brand with a discount, they are easily able to convert far more visitors than before. Take a look:

Bailey’s CBD also loved the prospect of being able to collect more data points on their customers through Alia’s survey questions. Especially since they are able to tie back these responses to the emails collected at the end of the Alia sequence.

Bailey’s CBD also knows that these are high-intent emails collected, as they now have a great understanding of the brand through Alia. Now, they can retarget these prospects through more personalized emails, using the zero-party data collected, and ensure they convert!


33% average engaged conversion rate leading to +16% store-wide increase in conversions

Here are the Alia performance stats on Bailey’s CBD in one month (October 13th - November 13th):

  • 16% store-wide conversion rate increase
  • 33% average engaged conversion rate
  • 49% opt-in rate after click
  • 145 zero-party data points collected

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