Customer Education Helps Innovet Pet Convert +15% More Shoppers with Alia on Shopify Plus

“Where it once took 10-16 visits for a conversion, with Alia, we're seeing conversions on the first or second visit.”
Innovet Pet
Written by
Cory Gill
Published on
December 14, 2023
Average Engaged Conversion Rate
Increase Store-Wide Conversion Rate (MoM)
Opt-In Rate After Click
The Alia App has revolutionized how we engage with customers on our Shopify store. It's more than just a discount pop-up; it's an interactive learning tool that educates customers about our products through lessons and quizzes. This innovative approach keeps customers engaged and significantly reduces our bounce rate. What's impressive is the shift in customer behavior - where it once took 10-16 visits for a conversion, with Alia, we're seeing conversions on the first or second visit.

Justin Baba, Head of eCommerce

About The Brand

Innovet Pet was founded in 2005 by Matthew Terrill and David Louvet. They found themselves having to search tirelessly for innovative solutions to their pets' health issues when veterinary services couldn’t provide an answer. Innovet Pet is now one of the leaders in the online pet retailing industry and offers a wide range of products for shoppers’ pet needs.

Innovet Pet sets itself apart from competitors through a relentless focus on product quality, while still being cost-effective. They manufacture all of their products in-house from start to finish, and every single product developed has a story inspired by their own pets and unique needs.


Effective customer education for a product and industry that requires it

The pet industry requires a considerable amount of customer education. Shoppers need considerable convincing, education, and trust-building before making a purchase for their own pet best friend.

For Innovet Pet, they are extremely well-known for their pet CBD products. Customer education is even more important for a product as nascent as CBD on pets. Incentivizing first time users to try such a product can be difficult, especially in an online setting where capturing their attention to learn more is a difficult challenge.


Incentivizing more site visitors to learn through Alia's engaging popup alternative

Alia was the perfect solution for Innovet Pet to help educate new site visitors on their store because it is an engaging format and they are able to reward them with a discount for learning. Take a look at how Innovet Pet built out their Alia lessons and chose to educate shoppers on the value of CBD for pets to inform and build trust with site visitors:

Some of Alia’s top-notch features that worked wonders for Innovet Pet are:

  • Ease-of-use and customizability

Setup takes less than 30 minutes and Alia’s lesson creator is exceptionally intuitive. Alia also has an AI lesson creation feature that can automatically generate custom lessons for your store in seconds.

  • Shopper data collection

Innovet Pet collected a considerable amount of zero-party data through embedded survey questions within their Alia lessons. This data allows them to personalize future marketing campaigns, make decisions on product development, and much more.

  • Ability to show Alia only to brand new store visitors

Finally, Innovet Pet loved Alia’s feature which prevents returning shoppers from claiming an Alia discount. This prevents stores like Innovet Pet from losing unnecessary margin and only rewarding hesitant new shoppers.


+15% increase in conversions and 38% average engaged conversion rate

Here are the Alia performance stats on Innovet Pet in one month (October 13th - November 13th):

  • +15% increase in store-wide conversion rate (MoM)
  • 38% average engaged conversion rate on Alia
  • 32% opt-in rate after clicking on Alia
  • 1030 zero-party data points collected

After someone clicked on Alia there was a 32% opt-in rate for email signups and after starting an Alia lesson, there was a 38% chance they were going to make a purchase at Innovet Pet.

Along with these amazing figures, Innovet Pet was able to collect more than 1,000 unique pre-purchase data points from customers along with their associated email information.

“Overall, Alia is not just a discount tool; it's a comprehensive solution that has transformed our customer engagement and conversion strategy. It's an essential addition for any Shopify store looking to elevate its customer experience and boost sales.”

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