Effective Storytelling Boosts Sales +89% for Whoa Dough on Shopify

"Great app that does wonders for engagement, brand story, and conversions. Great customer support too!"
Whoa Dough
Food & Beverage
Written by
Cory Gill
Published on
December 14, 2023
Increase In Sales
Increase Store-Wide Conversion Rate
Average Engaged Conversion Rate
Great app that does wonders for engagement, brand story, and conversions. It keeps customers much more interested and helps them learn about who we are. Great customer support too!

Andy Williamson, Head of eCommerce

About The Brand

Whoa Dough was founded in 2019 by Todd Goldstein after being diagnosed with a gluten intolerance and having two sons born with the same. He couldn’t accept that their days of eating cookie dough would be over before they began.

After two years and dozens of recipes, Todd created a natural cookie dough bar that would now come to be known as Whoa Dough. Whoa Dough is the perfect choice for individuals who are gluten intolerant or have other dietary restrictions, but still want a great tasting snack that they can enjoy.


Sharing Todd’s story, Whoa Dough’s mission, and their unique value

Whoa Dough’s origin story is a perfect example of founder-market fit. Todd and his children experienced a problem with gluten intolerance and dietary restrictions, forcing him to come up with a creative solution

Communicating this story and the brand ethos of Whoa Dough in an online DTC setting was difficult. Why? Because new site visitors, especially those with low-intent, often have little motivation to spend the time to learn about the brand they are shopping at and the available products in a meaningful way. If they do spend this time, research has shown that their buying intent will increase, leading to more sales.

A simple ‘About Us’ page was not enough to convey Todd’s story and the unique value behind the Whoa Dough bars. In order for Whoa Dough to build a deeper relationship with new site visitors they needed to distribute their story and unique properties of their bars more effectively.


Alia motivates more site visitors to engage with Whoa Dough’s story

The Whoa Dough team turned to Alia to get their origin story and product value across so shoppers engage and, ultimately, help to increase conversions on their Shopify store.

Alia allowed them to reward shoppers with a discount for learning about their brand and incredible snacks through short interactive lessons. Take a look:

Through these lessons, Whoa Dough could build the same levels of trust and emotion behind their brand as they could in person and through other more personal channels.

Here are some of the features the Whoa Dough team loved with Alia:

  • Staggered rewards for completing more lessons

They loved how gamified Alia was, especially with shoppers earning larger discounts for learning more and completing more lessons. This allowed shoppers to spend more time on site helping with SEO and have a greater understanding of the entire Whoa dough brand for future marketing and selling.

  • Pre-purchase data collection through survey questions

Whoa Dough used two survey questions to look at pre-purchase attribution (i.e., “How did you hear about us?”) and also asking what the shopper’s favorite flavor of snack bar was. This has helped with both internal marketing discussions and product development. Prior to Alia, pre-purchase shopper insights were a black box for Whoa Dough. Now, they have far more clarity into what buyers are interested in and where they are coming from.

  • Intuitive dashboard with comprehensive analytics

They also loved how easy it was to set Alia up and took advantage of the AI lesson creation feature. The dashboard provides a comprehensive overview of all the performance statistics and data collection, making monitoring easy.


+89% increase in sales and +22% increase in conversions

Here are the Alia performance stats on Whoa Dough in one month (October 11th - November 11th) (all percentages are month over month):

  • +89% increase in total store sales
  • +22% increase in store-wide conversion rate
  • 31% Alia conversion rate
  • +14% increase in AOV

Whoa Dough’s performance since installing Alia has been nothing short of incredible! Tapping into their brand story and conveying it to new shoppers has resulted in a massive increase in their conversions, sales, AOV, and allowed them to connect lots of pre-purchase data points through Alia’s embedded survey questions.

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