MASA Chips grew their popup sign-up rate 127% and generated a 64x ROI using Alia

"With such a captive audience, it's easier for us to pitch what makes our product good, and the results speak for themselves."
MASA Chips
Food & Beverage
Written by
Cory Gill
Published on
June 3, 2024
Increase in New Shopper Purchases
Growth in Sign-Up Rate
Return on Investment (ROI)
With such a captive audience, it's easier for us to pitch what makes our product good, and the results speak for themselves-- our opt in rates now crush the Klaviyo popup.

Steven Rofrano, CEO and Co-Founder of Ancient Crunch

About The Brand

MASA Chips, the flagship product of Ancient Crunch, was launched in July 2022. 

Ancient Crunch, a family of brands founded by Steven Rofrano and Seth Goldstein, aims to make America’s pantry healthy by default with classic snacks made from only real ingredients. 

Since its launch, MASA Chips has rapidly gained popularity in the snacks and wellness market. The company has sold well over 250,000 bags and achieved the status of the best-selling chip SKU at Erewhon.


What Made MASA Interested in Switching from their Klaviyo Popup to Alia?

MASA previously used a traditional Klaviyo popup that provided 10% off after signing-up with their contact information.

The customer education aspect of Alia caught the interest of the team at MASA right away. As Steven explains:

Alia is the first saas company that has ever cold emailed me with a pitch I found interesting.

While their Klaviyo popup provided a decent sign-up and purchase rate results, there was room for improvement and enhancements to the traditional popup experience that almost all brands endure on their website. As Steven puts it:

It's for a problem everyone faces, which is how to increase the number of email/sms list signups on the website. The generic klaviyo discount popup only goes so far.

Given MASA Chips’ underlying educational component and captivating founder and story, engaging customers with the brand's content is crucial. 

This engagement aspect excited the team about the possibilities for substantially enhancing conversion rates, increasing sign-ups, and further strengthening brand identity.


How Does MASA Use Alia on their Shopify Store?

Through Alia, MASA still offers their traditional 10% off for signing up right away, similar to their previous Klaviyo popup.

However, after signing up (or if someone exits out of the popup) shoppers have the opportunity to get up to 20% off for learning more about MASA through a short, personalized learning journey.

This creates a much better customer experience than a traditional popup, while also building purchase intent in a gamified and personalized way.

With Alia, shoppers can answer pressing questions that are creating a hesitation for making a purchase, learn more about the underlying story and mission of the company, and enjoy a more fun popup experience. Plus, it is completely customizable how they choose to learn.

Thanks to the white-glove onboarding service offered for all new clients, MASA enjoyed a pain free transition to Alia, as Steven described:

I was only hesitant [about Alia] because setting up new tools is always a pain, but the team held our hand every step of the way.

The Alia team also provided complementary A/B testing and optimizations to improve performance even further. This included adjusting content and redesigning the popup.


127% Growth in Popup Sign-up Rate and 46% Growth in Purchase Rate

The results of Alia compared to their previous Klaviyo Popup speak for themselves:

  • 127% growth in sign-up rate
  • 2.1x increase in new shopper purchases
  • 46% growth in purchase rate
  • 3.2x increase in total signups
  • 29% same session purchase rate after a shopper signed-up

Aside from the statistical improvements in performance that have driven tens of thousands of dollars in incremental revenue per month, the Alia experience has significantly enhanced the brand and retention possibilities for the company: 

With such a captive audience, it's easier for us to pitch what makes our product good.

So not only does MASA enjoy a much better performing popup, but they now have an improved customer website experience that educates customers on their story and chips in a way unique to their brand.

As the Ancient Crunch team looks to reimagine the American pantry with their one-of-a-kind snacks, they are excited about the possibilities of continuing to optimize Alia to educate and convert more new site visitors.

The Alia data was measured between April 17th, 2024 and May 17th, 2024, while the Klaviyo popup data was measured for the previous 30 days (March 16th, 2024 to April 16th, 2024).

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