Urban Smokehouse generates an additional $100,000+ in sales each month with Alia

Urban Smokehouse is a direct to consumer barbecue brand. Learn about how they generate an additional $100k+ each month with Alia.
Urban Smokehouse
Food & Beverage
Written by
Cory Gill
Published on
June 19, 2024
Popup Sign-up Rate
In Additional Monthly Sales
Increase In Popup Sign-up Rate
Simply put the popup works better than anything else out there.

Andrew Buehler

CEO and Founder of Urban Smokehouse

About The Brand

Urban Smokehouse is a direct to consumer barbecue brand that enables customers to make things like ribs and brisket in minutes, instead of hours.

In just two years since launching, Andrew and his team have quickly grown the company to over 7-figures in revenue and have served thousands of happy customers with their delicious barbeque.


What Made Urban Smokehouse Interested in Switching their Popup to Alia?

Urban Smokehouse previously used a custom popup that provided a similar, ubiquitous experience to every other traditional popup.

It was collecting sign ups at an average industry rate of approximately 3% and was responsible for just 10% of new sales, as measured by new orders using the popup discount code.

Andrew thought there could be a better popup experience that differentiates the Urban Smokehouse brand from peers, while also improving signups and first-time purchase numbers.

After discovering Alia, Andrew knew it would be a phenomenal fit given the opportunity to highlight their brand and BBQ more to new shoppers, while simultaneously rewarding them.

Within a few hours of installation, Alia was live on Urban Smokehouse thanks to complementary white-glove onboarding and rapid support, as Andrew noted:

The customer support/team provided the level of service and timely responses you would expect of a 5-star resort.



How Does Urban Smokehouse Use Alia on their Shopify Store?

Alia is a reimagined popup experience that rewards shoppers for learning more about a company’s story and products.

In the case of Urban Smokehouse, the popup redirects shoppers to Alia on the bottom right of their Shopify store where shoppers learn more about Andrew’s story transitioning out of finance into BBQ and then a bit more about their meat and products.

After learning for about 30 seconds and answering a quick survey question on what they are most interested in from Urban, the shopper is offered 5% off. They then have the option to continue learning for another 30 seconds for the full 10% off.

Shoppers can sign-up and claim their unique discount code with an expiration timer of 30 minutes, creating a sense of urgency.

The biggest concern Andrew had about Alia initially was the potential drop-off with the increased number of steps compared to traditional popups:

I originally hesitated when hearing about Alia, as I’ve always designed websites to get you to the cart/buy now button as quickly as possible.

A popup that forced customers to read or watch something over time, and often had multiple steps was counter to my beliefs.

His concerns were removed after he saw the early performance of Alia and step by step funnel that ultimately resulted in significantly more signups and 20% of shoppers converting in the same session after signing up. 

After hearing about some of Alia’s success with existing customers I decided to give them a chance.

I was shocked to see how much traction the pop up had out the gate.

Within a few weeks our popup went from an insignificant portion of our revenue to a major portion of it. I went from a disbeliever of its success to an advocate of it within 3 weeks.


$100,000+ in Additional Monthly Sales and 184% Growth in Popup Sign-up Rate

The results of Alia compared to their previous popup speak for themselves:

  • $100,000+ in additional monthly driven sales
  • 9.5% popup sign-up rate (+184% increase compared to previous popup)
  • 20% same session purchase rate after using Alia

Here’s what Andrew had to say about the change in performance since switching to Alia:

Bar none the best popup in the game.

Our store went from a custom popup that attributed to sub 10% of sales to Alia which now accounts for 1/3 of monthly revenue and over $100k in sales.

As a result of being on Alia’s custom plan, Andrew and the Urban Smokehouse team receive ongoing optimization services, weekly reporting, and a dedicated customer success manager that has led to continuous improvements in performance:

We are in our second month of use and the performance of the popup seems to improve every week.

Both the Urban Smokehouse team and Alia are excited to continue working together to drive even more first-time purchases and signups.

Can not recommend the product or team more!

Alia data was measured between April 23rd, 2024 and May 23rd, 2024, while the previous popup data was measured for the previous 30 days (March 22nd, 2024 to April 22nd, 2024).
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